a year past.

just after having read Death in Venice, sitting in the King’s library in Halifax, i realized a year ago today i was exploring the sweet and salty streets of my perfect city by the sea.

thought i’d give a bit of an update/recap of what actually happened… just cause i never really summarized it all i guess. good luck following the silly line.

rome – florence – venice – florence – verona – bolzano – fondo – salzburg – vienna – prague – berlin – copenhagen – aarhus – copenhagen – oslo – stockholm – gothenburg – copenhagen – frankfurt – nurenburg – munich – lyon – tramoyes – paris – brussels – bruges – amsterdam – rotterdam – delft – newcastle – edinburgh – newcastle – edinburgh (no typo. it happened) – york – nottingham – stratford – london – brighton – london. *sigh*

oh what i’d do to be back.

despite the travel mistakes and money i blew it was the greatest 4 months i’ll ever have. miss the adventures.

rock steady ducks. 


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so i just  realized i never wrapped up my trip on here. been kinda busy… fighting super villains and the usual.

so here’s a very very very very overdue

yay for high tea!

one of the things on my bucket list was to read a book in the place it was set.

so a couple days were spent walking through kensington gardens and following the adventures of peter.

and speaking of literary treasure hunts, i also popped by Fleet Street for a taste of Sweeney Todd, not to mention  Baker Street when i felt like visiting Sherlock.

climbed to the top of St. Peters, hit up the most beautiful museums of my entire trip (all freeeee) and rocked some SERIOUS flee markets.

and then there was Brighton.

just so happened Marnie (see Italy and Austria for sweet Aussie travel buddy) was there around the same time so we met up for high tea, fish and chips on the pier, those stupid gambling cheap penny game things, thrifting, and swimming in the sea. incredible day.

not to mention a freakin seagull came down and almost took me out as it sniped my ice cream cone out of my hand.

yes i was cursing like a sailor. sue me.

note the destroyed “after” shot of the beautiful boots that took me across a continent. so wonderfully shambled.

i made the executive decision that i’d prefer to have a great last morning than a great last night in Europe, so after an early night to bed i awoke at 3 am to catch the night bus to the tower bridge for a 4.30 sunrise.

my perfect morning.

greek yogurt and a slow sunrise.

with mumford and sons in my ears and london on the brain, i said one last goodbye.

it’s been a wicked ride, and i’m blue it’s over, but not for long i’m sure.

rock steady and sweet dreams.

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ooh brave sir robin…

so i shot in SHERWOOD FOREST.

what did you do this week?

did you really think i’d do england without doing NOTTINGHAM?

really, kids.

it was OUT. of this WORLD!

thousand year old LIVING trees with trunks as big as a car, so many different plants and bugs and tings living in the king’s ancient forest.

 seriously couldn’t keep from smiling and skipping like a merry man in tights.

not to mention i saw the Major Oak… 1040 years old and hollow on the inside, believed to be the hiding place of Robin’s later merry man. and next to it they had an archery raaaaange which made me all giddy.

was a little rusty but felt so great. remembering why it’s my favourite sport : )

in LONDON NOW! my last stop. updates to come. can’t believe i fly home on WEDNESDAY!! MADNESS!

rock steady til then ❤


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bright is the ring of words

This is my country
The land that begat me
These windy spaces are surely my own
And those who toil here
In the sweat of their faces
Are flesh of my flesh
And bone of my bone

–Sir Alexander Gray

i say this too often but i think i found my favourite city.

EDINBURGH is everything: the most incredible people in this rustic green land, packed with squishy old buildings and a big ol’ castle. You find them singing and dancing and laughing as they poke fun at their own raw, wild history of murder and witches and they’ll make you never want to leave.

that and they had the best royal guard costumes yet…

look at their calves and see if you can spot the traitor… who does he think he’s fooling…

back in stockholm i had a certain sunset chasing adventure.
little did i know the reverse is even more satisfying. world, meet the sunrise chase.
so apparently the sun comes up at 4.36 in edinburgh? really? so of course i missed my alarm and woke up at 4.19 and found myself flying through the morning streets and up to Calton Hill, the perfect sunrise spot.
nothing like sun and sea.
farewell scotland.

i’m writing from NOTTINGHAM… IN ENGLAND… MY LAST COUNTRY! what a foolish thought… that in 10 days my adventure’s over. absurd. nonsense. absolute poppycock. let’s not think about that now.

rock steady loves.

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Wendy Moira Angela Darling. What’s your name?

The world needs to be informed that after years of not getting around to it,
i’ve finally gotten around to it.
I finally bought Peter Pan.
i always hear J.M. Barrie’s blissfully child-like quotes and just ache with love for such beautiful words.
words like this…
‘Do you know,’ Peter asked, ‘why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.’
and this…
All was as still as salt.
eating it up. i think i’ve found my favourite book.
and how fitting, to be reading it in england.
rock steady and sweet dreams.

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what was i doing in newcastle you may ask?
i mean really i’m in england.
land of festivals. you didn’t think i was gonna pass up that opportunity.
wish i could tell you exactly how massive the crowd was… unfortunately i honestly don’t know cause from the second “row” it was physically impossible for me to turn and check. i can however say from the level of compression i was experiencing that there was, give or take, i’ll say exactly 16 billion people.
4 days later i still can’t move my neck and there’s a nasty sore spot on my crown from being kicked in the head : ) BUT IT WAS AMAZING!
here’s an assortment of photos of an assortment of bands you probably won’t know about but seriously should.
(the cuban brothers? no one knows who invited them to a mostly UK electro/hip hop festival but they played funky things which old men in spandex breaked to… so i’m down)

the amount of abandoned shoes i tripped over on the way home was absurd.

if you’re interested the line up was: viva city, not squares, spark, detroit social club, darwin daaz, example, tinie tempah and plan b.
(bolded ones are the best if you’re looking for some new music… spark is wicked electro pop, darwin daaz is kinda like an american version of the kooks with some rapping and just chill feel-good beats, and example is my everything–british rapper with amazing rhymes and wicked house/dubstep/electro beats.)
sorry if this is a boring post for those who aren’t interested.
here’s something that IS interesting!
take that and rock steady!

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reader’s digest

don’t know why i’ve been so terrible with keeping my little patch of internet up to date lately, and it seems silly to report things from weeks ago in too much depth, so we’re gonna do this as painlessly as possible–reader’s digest style.

sweet flea market hunts

naps and picnics in the park listening to the new gaga album
(yes i eat apples like robin hood)
finding a narwal nar-wall in bruges 🙂
LOADS of waffles. i think waffle has become a verb that’s how much i love going for street waffles.
also found a map that points out all the major art nouveau buildings in brussels (the same style as the twisty dark metal metro signs in paris) so being a pirate, i popped one earring and headed out on a long and tedious and extremely successful treasure hunt.
go team. : )
amsterdam. most beautiful city. for 5 days it boasted some lovely sister dance parties.
plus the best market i’ve seen yet (this means a lot coming from such a seasoned flea marketer. i haven’t got enough fingers or toes to count em all on this trip)
ended up doing quite a few day trips from amsterdam, including delft, of which we spoke earlier (the raw fish situation… remember… s’all comin back)
most incredible town. a truly authentic patch of holland, no tourists, no scams, just really incredible people and hand painted china and fresh fish. incredible.

possibly one of the loveliest things i did was take the 16 hour overnight ferry from amsterdam to newcastle. just the sea and i…. and a lot of other people. but most importantly the sea and i.

rock steady sea.

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