reader’s digest

don’t know why i’ve been so terrible with keeping my little patch of internet up to date lately, and it seems silly to report things from weeks ago in too much depth, so we’re gonna do this as painlessly as possible–reader’s digest style.

sweet flea market hunts

naps and picnics in the park listening to the new gaga album
(yes i eat apples like robin hood)
finding a narwal nar-wall in bruges 🙂
LOADS of waffles. i think waffle has become a verb that’s how much i love going for street waffles.
also found a map that points out all the major art nouveau buildings in brussels (the same style as the twisty dark metal metro signs in paris) so being a pirate, i popped one earring and headed out on a long and tedious and extremely successful treasure hunt.
go team. : )
amsterdam. most beautiful city. for 5 days it boasted some lovely sister dance parties.
plus the best market i’ve seen yet (this means a lot coming from such a seasoned flea marketer. i haven’t got enough fingers or toes to count em all on this trip)
ended up doing quite a few day trips from amsterdam, including delft, of which we spoke earlier (the raw fish situation… remember… s’all comin back)
most incredible town. a truly authentic patch of holland, no tourists, no scams, just really incredible people and hand painted china and fresh fish. incredible.

possibly one of the loveliest things i did was take the 16 hour overnight ferry from amsterdam to newcastle. just the sea and i…. and a lot of other people. but most importantly the sea and i.

rock steady sea.


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  1. Mum

    GREAT photo of you two in Belgium. Looks like a movie set. Love the ocean shot too. Very chill. Glad you took the ferry instead of flying!

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