long time?


it’s been a while… sorry kids! lots to do and patchy internet… do please forgive me.

so since we last talked i’ve spent about a week in germany and a week in france where my dearest darling sister kc joined me!! EEP!

but before that there was BACHARACH, a precious little baby german town on the Rhine where i stayed in a hostel built inside a 12th century castle?!

absolutely gorgeous with a perfect view of all the little houses, grassy mountains and vinyards…

not to mention it had a PINBALL MACHINE?!

(k so it’s a weak score… shut up)

from there i popped into HEIDELBERG to visit my good friend allison who i met in florence. wicked adorable town cozied in next to some mountains that i swear were covered in rainforest. 

also spent a few days in MUNICH munching on currywurst and pretzels, browsing farmer’s markets and the like. not to mention had a beer in the beer hall where Hilter held the first Nazi meeting.

so eerie.

but lovely to know that people forgive, swastikas are painted over and history continues in such a wonderful city.

STAY TUNED: the adventures of last week in France with kc are yet to come! fun fact: they include sewers and the cabaret : )

(ps right now we’re in BRUSSELS! gonna go get a waffle on the street)

rock steady


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One response to “long time?

  1. Mum

    YAY we’ve been starved for your writing for almost two weeks! Although we knew the route we needed your colourful accounts of these places. Love to you and kc too ❤

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