eating raw fish like candy.

(hah… vegetarians should really never read my blog. sorry guys)
if you search back in that little memory of yours, you may remember that about a month ago i was in norway eating a bangin awesome breakfast…

back then i thought that it was only the scandinavians who did ate raw pickled fish. but oh no.

welcome to amsterdam!

land of raw herring soaked in delicious topped with onions and lemon and eaten like this…

so. so. so sososo delicious!

spent about 6 minutes just staring at the men cleaning the fish. little knives fluttering around while they hollered at each other and barely paid attention…

amazing. reminded me of sitting on the rocks watching my grandad clean fish. favourite place.

taking the ferry to newcastle tomorrow!  EEP! i love boats : )

especially 16 hour ones.




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let’s move to paris

after 5 years and 3 trips to Paris I can finally feel like i’ve been there.
both other times were rushed, and just consisted of a lot of observing and not much enjoying… so it was always sort of out of reach, mysterious and enchanting.
and this time i got to see it with my dear sister : )
yeah… we skipped the eiffel tower to go on the paris sewer tour.
i was riveted. 
oh and our hostel was in MONTMARTRE, where i sat geeking over the cramped little buildings and bohemian vibe, channeling my inner Amelie and Edith Piaf.
speaking of Edith, probably the highlight was the old-style cabaret–a 150 year old wooden room with red lights, a piano and a gang of hilarious old french folk singing the songs we learned in french immersion. 
And then of course a woman pulled out an accordion and strutted around singing Edith’s “La Foule” and… well I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.
oh yeah. and i’m helplessly in love with art nouveau.
the most interesting, dark and creepy yet elegant twisty metal things and i probably spent most of my time in Paris staring at the old beautiful metro signs. with their creepy red lights.
lots of hostel picnics, spontaneous orchestra performances in subways, meeting up with friends from home, and la vie boheme.
rock steady


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long time?


it’s been a while… sorry kids! lots to do and patchy internet… do please forgive me.

so since we last talked i’ve spent about a week in germany and a week in france where my dearest darling sister kc joined me!! EEP!

but before that there was BACHARACH, a precious little baby german town on the Rhine where i stayed in a hostel built inside a 12th century castle?!

absolutely gorgeous with a perfect view of all the little houses, grassy mountains and vinyards…

not to mention it had a PINBALL MACHINE?!

(k so it’s a weak score… shut up)

from there i popped into HEIDELBERG to visit my good friend allison who i met in florence. wicked adorable town cozied in next to some mountains that i swear were covered in rainforest. 

also spent a few days in MUNICH munching on currywurst and pretzels, browsing farmer’s markets and the like. not to mention had a beer in the beer hall where Hilter held the first Nazi meeting.

so eerie.

but lovely to know that people forgive, swastikas are painted over and history continues in such a wonderful city.

STAY TUNED: the adventures of last week in France with kc are yet to come! fun fact: they include sewers and the cabaret : )

(ps right now we’re in BRUSSELS! gonna go get a waffle on the street)

rock steady

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the fourth was so not with me.

so apparently there’s more than one rothenburg in germany.

i think i need to pay more attention to the “ü” cause it meant finding myself in a field in bavaria where a nice old man kindly chuckled at my confused tourist look and pointed me back to the train tracks.

this is me 180 km away from the medieval walled village i should be staying at tonight.

after 6 trains, 9 hours of travel, some swift recalculating and a much needed ritter sport  i find myself in nuremberg, the closest big city with no “ü.” also has a medieval wall around the old town and some great nazi history (as in great history… not great nazis…. this is not a good thing to be talking about in germany…. i’m digging myself in a hole… someone stop me now please)

sweet dreams and rock steady


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frankfurt ma dear

ok i’m only here for a night on my way to bacharach (where i’ll be staying in a 12th century castle hostel!!) but i just wanted an excuse to use that title…
i thought it was witty.
took a little daytrip to Helsingor recently… was recommended by a few people including Osa, this lovely old woman i met on the pier in Copenhagen.
It’s her hometown on the tip of Denmark and features the Hamlet castle (although shakespeare never visited there and the play was based on a character that probably didn’t ever live there…. but still.)
basically the perfect place to enjoy Denmark’s oldest bakery, nap in the grass and soak up some sunshine and sea air before leaving scandinavia.
as previously mentioned, i’m in Germany! heading down the west side to Bacharach, Heidelberg, Rothenburg and Munich. time to bust out my sparse german…
rock steady

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Just realized I’ve never really said this before… wow… but thank you?
Don’t wanna be all lame and sappy but really there are so many people who have sent me lovely thoughts, passed me a few euros, or given me really valuable advice.
This experience has been really humbling, and I’ve loved taking on the role of the peasant explorer; getting by on the minimum and not wasting anything. It’s made me more grateful in general for everything: food, shelter, love, travel and all the support that’s gotten me here.
For every single person who has taken a glance at my little piece of the internet or left me a couple words, it really makes me so unbelievably happy and keeps this solo traveller from getting lonely 🙂
All this seems kinda silly but everything really means more than anything to me.
God bless and rock steady ❤


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it is really very simple. just a single pulse repeated at a regular interval.

i barely have words to describe STOCKHOLM.
(who am i fooling when have i ever been speechless…)basically spent 4 days listening to robyn, eating swedish chocolate in the harbour, watching street performers play the waterglasses, going to easter organ concerts, watching the royal guards draw swords on horseback, flea marketing through piles of junk, chatting with the most friendly, beautiful shop keepers and stargazing on my ship.

for those who aren’t keepin up with the times, i lived here for 4 days. it’s a ship. best sleeps i’ve had yet!
i also invented a new sport.
SUNSET CHASING: the act of watching the sunset multiple times by speed walking to places where the sun is still visible. sadly results in the burning of the retinae but also the repeated satisfaction of finding the perfect sunset location.
rock steady stockholm.

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