ooh brave sir robin…

so i shot in SHERWOOD FOREST.

what did you do this week?

did you really think i’d do england without doing NOTTINGHAM?

really, kids.

it was OUT. of this WORLD!

thousand year old LIVING trees with trunks as big as a car, so many different plants and bugs and tings living in the king’s ancient forest.

 seriously couldn’t keep from smiling and skipping like a merry man in tights.

not to mention i saw the Major Oak… 1040 years old and hollow on the inside, believed to be the hiding place of Robin’s later merry man. and next to it they had an archery raaaaange which made me all giddy.

was a little rusty but felt so great. remembering why it’s my favourite sport : )

in LONDON NOW! my last stop. updates to come. can’t believe i fly home on WEDNESDAY!! MADNESS!

rock steady til then ❤



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2 responses to “ooh brave sir robin…

  1. Mum

    So proud of you for going back to your archery roots! Looks like you have had gorgeous weather there…. can’t believe the adventure is almost finished. Have fun in these last few days!

  2. Looks like you have done a lot of traveling recently and have enjoyed it. Were would you say your favourite place you traveled to was? Xxxx

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