so i just  realized i never wrapped up my trip on here. been kinda busy… fighting super villains and the usual.

so here’s a very very very very overdue

yay for high tea!

one of the things on my bucket list was to read a book in the place it was set.

so a couple days were spent walking through kensington gardens and following the adventures of peter.

and speaking of literary treasure hunts, i also popped by Fleet Street for a taste of Sweeney Todd, not to mention  Baker Street when i felt like visiting Sherlock.

climbed to the top of St. Peters, hit up the most beautiful museums of my entire trip (all freeeee) and rocked some SERIOUS flee markets.

and then there was Brighton.

just so happened Marnie (see Italy and Austria for sweet Aussie travel buddy) was there around the same time so we met up for high tea, fish and chips on the pier, those stupid gambling cheap penny game things, thrifting, and swimming in the sea. incredible day.

not to mention a freakin seagull came down and almost took me out as it sniped my ice cream cone out of my hand.

yes i was cursing like a sailor. sue me.

note the destroyed “after” shot of the beautiful boots that took me across a continent. so wonderfully shambled.

i made the executive decision that i’d prefer to have a great last morning than a great last night in Europe, so after an early night to bed i awoke at 3 am to catch the night bus to the tower bridge for a 4.30 sunrise.

my perfect morning.

greek yogurt and a slow sunrise.

with mumford and sons in my ears and london on the brain, i said one last goodbye.

it’s been a wicked ride, and i’m blue it’s over, but not for long i’m sure.

rock steady and sweet dreams.


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