what was i doing in newcastle you may ask?
i mean really i’m in england.
land of festivals. you didn’t think i was gonna pass up that opportunity.
wish i could tell you exactly how massive the crowd was… unfortunately i honestly don’t know cause from the second “row” it was physically impossible for me to turn and check. i can however say from the level of compression i was experiencing that there was, give or take, i’ll say exactly 16 billion people.
4 days later i still can’t move my neck and there’s a nasty sore spot on my crown from being kicked in the head : ) BUT IT WAS AMAZING!
here’s an assortment of photos of an assortment of bands you probably won’t know about but seriously should.
(the cuban brothers? no one knows who invited them to a mostly UK electro/hip hop festival but they played funky things which old men in spandex breaked to… so i’m down)

the amount of abandoned shoes i tripped over on the way home was absurd.

if you’re interested the line up was: viva city, not squares, spark, detroit social club, darwin daaz, example, tinie tempah and plan b.
(bolded ones are the best if you’re looking for some new music… spark is wicked electro pop, darwin daaz is kinda like an american version of the kooks with some rapping and just chill feel-good beats, and example is my everything–british rapper with amazing rhymes and wicked house/dubstep/electro beats.)
sorry if this is a boring post for those who aren’t interested.
here’s something that IS interesting!
take that and rock steady!

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  1. Mum

    It’s official… you are truly hard core now… just glad it wasn’t a rugby or soccer match cause you might not have made it out alive.

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