eating raw fish like candy.

(hah… vegetarians should really never read my blog. sorry guys)
if you search back in that little memory of yours, you may remember that about a month ago i was in norway eating a bangin awesome breakfast…

back then i thought that it was only the scandinavians who did ate raw pickled fish. but oh no.

welcome to amsterdam!

land of raw herring soaked in delicious topped with onions and lemon and eaten like this…

so. so. so sososo delicious!

spent about 6 minutes just staring at the men cleaning the fish. little knives fluttering around while they hollered at each other and barely paid attention…

amazing. reminded me of sitting on the rocks watching my grandad clean fish. favourite place.

taking the ferry to newcastle tomorrow!  EEP! i love boats : )

especially 16 hour ones.




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2 responses to “eating raw fish like candy.

  1. Mum

    OOOH I love food pictures almost as much as boats. Hope the sea is calm and you can get some sleep! Time to embark on a different language and maybe an accent?!

  2. Kaela

    Enjoy the UK! 🙂


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