a year past.

just after having read Death in Venice, sitting in the King’s library in Halifax, i realized a year ago today i was exploring the sweet and salty streets of my perfect city by the sea.

thought i’d give a bit of an update/recap of what actually happened… just cause i never really summarized it all i guess. good luck following the silly line.

rome – florence – venice – florence – verona – bolzano – fondo – salzburg – vienna – prague – berlin – copenhagen – aarhus – copenhagen – oslo – stockholm – gothenburg – copenhagen – frankfurt – nurenburg – munich – lyon – tramoyes – paris – brussels – bruges – amsterdam – rotterdam – delft – newcastle – edinburgh – newcastle – edinburgh (no typo. it happened) – york – nottingham – stratford – london – brighton – london. *sigh*

oh what i’d do to be back.

despite the travel mistakes and money i blew it was the greatest 4 months i’ll ever have. miss the adventures.

rock steady ducks. 


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  1. Mum

    OOOH we loved following the blog …. so fun to have a post pop up. It was not “blown money”… it was such an investment in ‘you’. So glad you did it. So happy you let us follow along.

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