bright is the ring of words

This is my country
The land that begat me
These windy spaces are surely my own
And those who toil here
In the sweat of their faces
Are flesh of my flesh
And bone of my bone

–Sir Alexander Gray

i say this too often but i think i found my favourite city.

EDINBURGH is everything: the most incredible people in this rustic green land, packed with squishy old buildings and a big ol’ castle. You find them singing and dancing and laughing as they poke fun at their own raw, wild history of murder and witches and they’ll make you never want to leave.

that and they had the best royal guard costumes yet…

look at their calves and see if you can spot the traitor… who does he think he’s fooling…

back in stockholm i had a certain sunset chasing adventure.
little did i know the reverse is even more satisfying. world, meet the sunrise chase.
so apparently the sun comes up at 4.36 in edinburgh? really? so of course i missed my alarm and woke up at 4.19 and found myself flying through the morning streets and up to Calton Hill, the perfect sunrise spot.
nothing like sun and sea.
farewell scotland.

i’m writing from NOTTINGHAM… IN ENGLAND… MY LAST COUNTRY! what a foolish thought… that in 10 days my adventure’s over. absurd. nonsense. absolute poppycock. let’s not think about that now.

rock steady loves.


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