let’s move to paris

after 5 years and 3 trips to Paris I can finally feel like i’ve been there.
both other times were rushed, and just consisted of a lot of observing and not much enjoying… so it was always sort of out of reach, mysterious and enchanting.
and this time i got to see it with my dear sister : )
yeah… we skipped the eiffel tower to go on the paris sewer tour.
i was riveted. 
oh and our hostel was in MONTMARTRE, where i sat geeking over the cramped little buildings and bohemian vibe, channeling my inner Amelie and Edith Piaf.
speaking of Edith, probably the highlight was the old-style cabaret–a 150 year old wooden room with red lights, a piano and a gang of hilarious old french folk singing the songs we learned in french immersion. 
And then of course a woman pulled out an accordion and strutted around singing Edith’s “La Foule” and… well I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.
oh yeah. and i’m helplessly in love with art nouveau.
the most interesting, dark and creepy yet elegant twisty metal things and i probably spent most of my time in Paris staring at the old beautiful metro signs. with their creepy red lights.
lots of hostel picnics, spontaneous orchestra performances in subways, meeting up with friends from home, and la vie boheme.
rock steady


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2 responses to “let’s move to paris

  1. Pam

    I love that you really LIVE life. You rock!!
    Praying for your safety, and health. I’m loving your adventures!!!


  2. Mum

    I can just see you singing along in the cabaret… all those teachers would have been SO proud. What a great adventure. So glad you have your sister there to share it with you. ALLEZ!

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