the fourth was so not with me.

so apparently there’s more than one rothenburg in germany.

i think i need to pay more attention to the “ü” cause it meant finding myself in a field in bavaria where a nice old man kindly chuckled at my confused tourist look and pointed me back to the train tracks.

this is me 180 km away from the medieval walled village i should be staying at tonight.

after 6 trains, 9 hours of travel, some swift recalculating and a much needed ritter sport  i find myself in nuremberg, the closest big city with no “ü.” also has a medieval wall around the old town and some great nazi history (as in great history… not great nazis…. this is not a good thing to be talking about in germany…. i’m digging myself in a hole… someone stop me now please)

sweet dreams and rock steady



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3 responses to “the fourth was so not with me.

  1. Mum

    Oh my… how’s the spoken german coming?

  2. Dad

    Bummer day Amanda! First time you have been “off track” this adventure. That’s what happens when you sleep thru the German classes. Hugs

  3. Granny

    Hi Amanda
    Sorry to see the mixup, but there you are, this is Europe!
    Hope you do get to Rotenburg andHeidelberg, Grandad and I loved both!
    Have been watching and enjoying all your postings, keep up the good messages and the fun! And glad you are meeting up with KC, hope you have fun together.
    Thinking of you this week, and thanks for your message, via your Mum.
    Lots of love and hugs

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