Just realized I’ve never really said this before… wow… but thank you?
Don’t wanna be all lame and sappy but really there are so many people who have sent me lovely thoughts, passed me a few euros, or given me really valuable advice.
This experience has been really humbling, and I’ve loved taking on the role of the peasant explorer; getting by on the minimum and not wasting anything. It’s made me more grateful in general for everything: food, shelter, love, travel and all the support that’s gotten me here.
For every single person who has taken a glance at my little piece of the internet or left me a couple words, it really makes me so unbelievably happy and keeps this solo traveller from getting lonely 🙂
All this seems kinda silly but everything really means more than anything to me.
God bless and rock steady ❤


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4 responses to “thanks.

  1. Carol & Paul Dilks

    You are quite an amazing young lady. Following your trip through Jean Hughes. Really wonderful.

  2. Mum

    You are such a blessing to us. You make the world shiny and exciting. Just knowing that you are having a fabulous adventure is thanks enough. Angels are watching over you all along the way. ❤

  3. Amanda, you’ve been pulling a reverse-Age of Exploration, which is just awesome! From reading of you exploits as a sun-chasing pirate in the land of my ancestors, to seeing the lovely photos from Prague and your words of hope for nations in conflict now, your blog has been an entertaining blessing.

    :’) Keep voyaging on, young lady!

    • good sir, someday you and your fancy poetic self need to find your way to my neck o the woods so we can go adventuring.
      i feel like you’d make a very good viking explorer partner.

      splendid 🙂 much love.

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