vikings and pickled fish for breakfast

so it took a bit for OSLO to grow on me.
at first it was just lotsa modern buildings and there weren’t many of my usual wander-friendly streets. but that’s sort of a good thing… shook up my travel routine a little, and in the end vikings, a huge free breakfast and a happening harbour won me over.
if i were julie andrews (nostalgic salzburg moment) i would probably sing about breakfast cause it’s seriously my favourite thing.
and norway, i must say your sweet, soft pickled herring on toast with that wierd goat’s cheese that looks like caramel and tastes all velvety had me quite giddy. oranges and muesli and mmmm…..
those vikings sure can build a mean boat. no written plans, it was all eyeballed.
the most beautiful vessels.
pretty sure the pirates beat them in a battle or two though cause their big beautiful ships occupied much of the harbour.
and they even brought me some fog! my favourite weather!!
thanks guys.
just arrived in STOCKHOLM–have been dreaming about coming here for too long. i have unnaturally high expectations for this city, probably because it produced robyn so it’s gotta be brilliant.
planning to listen to swedish electropop non-stop
(like that’s anything new…)

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One response to “vikings and pickled fish for breakfast

  1. Mum

    Love the photos! So glad you liked the breakfast 🙂

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