some things were made for one thing for me that one thing is the sea.

scandinavia was never in my original travel plan.
everyone said it’s so expensive and it’ll be freezing and i said HONEY I’M FROM CANADA! and sure enough it’s been sunny with that nice, foggy chill. i’m so outrageously happy i decided to come–the north always feels right, harbours and ships and colourful houses and the most beautiful people and language.

was in COPENHAGEN for 4 days:
saw the little mermaid statue at 8 am and ate my granola with her in the misty fog. with that checked off my touristy sightseeing list explored to find this mind-blowing clock with lots of gold and silver disks predicting future celestial poles and planetary movements and showing sidereal time and solar time and what is WITH me and clocks and astronomy?
can’t wait to get stargazing this summer.
that’s right. a danish danish. i won’t even begin to explain. 
happened to be strolling back from the harbour when i just stumbled upon the changing of the guard! gotta love a good marching band strolling through the middle of the city in big furry hats. sadly they had no saxophones….
wanting to see more of denmark i popped over to Aarhus (north western ish) for a free viking museum and SWEENEY TODD!
the ticket lady thought i was pretty silly coming to see a danish show but they ACTUALLY built the 3 story set with the pie shop, barber shop on top with the trap door leading to the basement where they make the bodies into pies. the most complicated production and makeup and costumes and songs sung in the most musical language. success.
spent the most amazing day at the rocky, chilly beach. i promise you the best picnics are by the water. cheap bread and goats cheese, oranges and nutella. most delicious meal i’ve had in weeks.
NEXT: headed back to copenhagen for 2 days on my way up to oslo (3 days) then stockholm (LAND OF ROBYN!) over easter! booked this hostel that’s kinda cool…
wanna see it?
pretty decent easter present to myself eh?
rock steady world ❤


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2 responses to “some things were made for one thing for me that one thing is the sea.

  1. Granny

    Hi Am so thrilled you are there!
    And that you are going to Norway, my favorite!
    Hope you get to see the fjords, tho you may not have time.
    We took the train to Bergen, and there you are.
    Even for the day, but we took the ferry up the coast.
    May be too expensive.
    My love to you

  2. Mum

    Hey there Queen of the hostel kitchen…. I hear you are a wizard with the condiments and Mr Noodles. Try the pickled herring in Norway… gonna change your life. Oh ya and the caramel coloured goat’s cheese on toast. Enjoy!

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