i just came to say hello…

ok berlin… thanks to this you won me over.

only spent one full day here, i’m off to copenhagen tomorrow. it’s a great city and all just not really my style… a little too big and shiny.

still saw some outstanding memorials, thought a lot, walked along the grafitti’d remains of the Wall,  and saw the balcony where Michael was infamously photographed.

(whatever yall say he’s still the greatest dancer to ever glide across the earth)

I sat in the square where where Nazi soldiers and university students burnt 20 000 books, including Einstein’s… makes ya think.

rock steady berlin.



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3 responses to “i just came to say hello…

  1. kc

    Ah! Awesome! Just spending one day in a city and hitting everything up… definitely remember doing that. Pictures are looking fabulous, keep it up!

  2. Bab

    btw, I wondered what had happened to my old jacket. What does vintage mean anyway? Does it mean “used” or does it mean that it was still in the original packaging and was never actually worn by anyone?
    I thought of you and picked up Guns, Germs and Steel ( by Jared Diamond) on sale at the Banff library today. It may be a bit dated but its a good read in uni. I’ll give it to your folks when they’re out next month! Rock steady is without a doubt one of the greatest songs ever laid down by the Queen of Soul! Good mantra.

    • oh no man we’re talkin gently worn but still thrifty and comfy and used… but not like rare comic book collection… i hate those READ the damn comics. (rant over)
      NO WAY!! bab you’re so sweet! thank you so much i wanted to bring it with me but i’ve got so many big travel books that occupy too much of my time already. you’re so wonderful. and oooh yeah aretha! i was thinkin more of the no doubt album: http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kpg2mynU1d1qzj93go1_500.jpg but i’m always down for the queen.
      ❤ cheers!

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