i’m moving here.

Everything they say is true: Prague is the greatest city in Europe.

Most cities have this outstanding-blow-your-mind-outdoor-museum old town and then the new town is just micky d’s and boring shiny buildings. But Prague’s more recent history of oppression had me hooked, exploring communist protest sites, Nazi history and essentially tracking the major political events of the Czech Republic over the past 400 years and beyond.

honey this ain’t no vacation 🙂

but onto the fun things…

When Lennon died (1980) this wall was spontaneously graffiti’d into a memorial, and every night the police would paint over it, and each morning it’d be graffiti’d. For the next 9 years (while under communist rule) it was a meeting place for freedom fighters and hippies.

contributed a little… my favourite beatles lyrics. you can literally feel the layers of paint, it’s squishy!

first impulse buy: the world’s most beautiful vintage 80s jacket! my wallet’s crying a little but my shoulders are padded and happy 🙂

WENT TO THE BAAAARBIE MUSEUM!! found gone with the wind barbies and spice girl barbies and pregnant barbies and barbies worth more than me and mod barbies and was a really lovely way of tracking fashion throughout the years.

also the museum of decorative arts… an entire room. of clocks. and pocket watches. and sundials. and sundial rings. and sundial necklaces. and in case you haven’t noticed, i’ve developed this unmatched love of clocks and plan on becoming a master clockmaker.

So incredible how such an oppressed country can become so rich and fresh in less than 20 years. really makes you think about all of today’s war-torn countries and how beautiful they could–and will–become in the future.

hope this hasn’t been too deep and boring, (that’s what the barbies are for!) I’ve just had a really wonderful connection with this city.

But it’s off to Berlin! I’ve officially altered my route, bought a scandinavian guidebook and and am headed north to Copenhagen after that! SO far past excited.

rock steady




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3 responses to “i’m moving here.

  1. Mum

    Hey your Barbie photo says Winter in Montreal!!! I never saw anyone in Montreal dressed like that in winter…. Thanks for the fabulous account of Prague. Definitely on my bucket list now. Take me with you?!!!!

  2. Bab

    How did you become such a good writer? Me feel fail english? that’s unpossible!
    What would Miamoto think of this wacky world that you are travelling in.? He’d probably hike up his hakama and have at er. Thanks to you, I am reading Musashi again. Certainly life changing a second time. I like your play list. Try mixing it up with some frou frou….or ha ha tonka. You rock steady!!!

    • HAH!! it’s only in person that i can’t spoke.
      and that’s the official playlist… but today i found myself stompin down the streets of berlin with Time To Get Ill blastin in my ears. woo hoooo!!
      so lovely to hear from ya cuz! (or what are you? second cuz? i’m over trying to figure it out. either way i’m never calling anyone cuz again. k great)

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