with your feet in the air and your head on the ground.

my last day in vienna was TOMS’ Day Without Shoes, a really wonderful global event that i’ve been supporting for years.

(check it: http://www.onedaywithoutshoes.com)

my last stop was Karlskirche, a MASSIVE church rumoured to be under restoration. they let visitors pay to climb the scaffolding to see the astounding frescoes up close, and the fee helps fund the restoration.

if you’ve ever climbed 35 m of scaffolding: good gracious it’s terrifying. but i was literally RIGHT next to the frescoes… the line at the top of this photo is the top lip of the dome, no zoom.

but in honour of TOMS i’m proud to say i did all this sans shoes, and it was one of the greatest experiences of this trip. something that looked so smooth and complex and perfect from the ground became chipped and smudged up close. you could see the squares of plaster and faded parts, but also the amazing colours, and subtle shading that somehow are still visible from the ground.

surrounded by such detailed but crumbling art, i spent the day supporting TOMS and helping preserve vienna’s beautiful art.

that is until kc told me i did all this a day early. great.

STILL it’s the thought that counts and not my idiocy.

i hope…

rock steady.



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4 responses to “with your feet in the air and your head on the ground.

  1. Mum

    Blame it on the time change… but the toes look good! Proud of you for supporting the cause.

  2. Granny

    You may not believe me, but Grandad and I climbed that scaffolding in September, 2005! Yes, it is scary but wonderful…..we did wear shoes, and I bet it took longer! Where do you go next? Is it Prague? Much love and excitement at receiving your Blog, almost every day…

  3. Thomas Kilgour

    You’re amazing and I love you.

  4. batmanifesto

    kinda laughed out loud at the end. haha i love you and miss yyaaa babe!

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