woah. it’s officially been one month.

that kinda snuck up on me didn’t it now?

in honour of the one month travel anniversary i’ve decided to have storytime, and tell you about the most wonderful woman i’ve met so far (sorry marnie… not you <3)

on the train to vienna there were no empty compartments so we hopped in with this snazzy lookin old woman with big glam eyelashes, perfectly coiffed brown hair and an impeccably tailored suit. we soon got to know Erna, who was 90 years old, perfectly fluent in English and travelling by herself by train to a heart specialist (after refusing a ride from her 70 year old son… what a woman.)

We learned her entire life story, how her second husband was an Olympic horse jumper from Texas, she had worked in Vienna designing dresses, had lived around the world and in 38 states.

She pulled a paper out of her Prada bag and wrote down some recommendations for us, including the chicken wings at this South American restaurant in Vienna.

sooo delicious.

now when in doubt we repeat our new mantra,

what would Erna do?

and hope that someday we’ll end up just as witty, stubborn and glamorous as the woman herself.



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3 responses to “ONE MONTH ON THE ROAD!

  1. Granny

    Thanks so much, Amanda, there is future hope for me, this stubborn old Grannie! What a lovely story.
    I can’t believe it is a month already….
    Keep up the fun stories!

  2. Mum

    Some day some kid is going to say “what would Amanda do?”

  3. batmanifesto

    amazing. it’s things like this that makes the world a little better.

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