and i say what about breakfast at tiffany’s

sweet sweet vienna.

so nice to be back in a big city… and vienna’s sort of the perfect size. the lines between the old and new city are sort of blurred, there’s music and art everywhere but it’s less crammed and the people walk faster!

(i was quite impatient in rome)

started off today right and crossed one thing off my bucket list…

had breakfast at tiffany’s

probably the most wonderful thing i’ve done so far.

also hit the dorotheum today, 5 floors of antiques being auctioned… good to know i could have spent my entire travel budget on a diamond frog.


got all dressed up–thanks for the travel pearls kc! would have been lost without them.

saw don quixote (or don quijote however you wanna pronounce it) and it was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. gypsies, bullfighters, spanish ladies, human puppets, monks being slapped with fish, such humour and seduction and the MUSIC and the MAKEUP ooh.

my new favourite sound is the sound of pointe shoes hitting the ground after a big leap… sounds like a book closing.

anyways gotta jet cause we’re headed to the opera tonight, it’s the premiere of anne boleyn so the line’s gonna be insane. the standing tickets are only 3 euros though… and if we can’t get tickets for tonight we’ll go see madam butterfly tomorrow… or just do both cause i’m so in love with the opera.

rock steady!



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3 responses to “and i say what about breakfast at tiffany’s

  1. Granny

    Go to both operas, Amanda, they are both wonderful.
    Did you know that Caroline was the “child’ in Madame Butterfly in 1967? The year Eric was born, also Centennial year!
    Glad you are having such a culture shock!

    • yeah i heard she was in it!
      i’m so excited to see it. we tried for anne boleyn but it was a premiere so we went an hour and a half early and were 10 people from the front of the line when it sold out 😦 so we’ll try for tomorrow, won’t be so bad cause it’s not a premiere.
      thinking of you granny!
      much love.

  2. Mum

    Yay for the travel pearls… looking very good… bet they didn’t have any of those in Tiffany’s.

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