every morning you greet me.

so salzburg is simply marvelous.

yesterday marnie and i explored the old town and found the giant chess board in the middle of Kapitelplatz… we tried to play with just the two of us but i promptly  destroyed marnie with my swift bishop moves and we got bored.

so we hollered at an italian school group and quickly found ourselves in a full on harry potter style chess battle…. and i once again proceeded to destroy marnie.


also got a picnic at the open air produce market, sat in the Residenzplatz and waited for the glockenspiel’s 35 church bells to ring out a little tune and climbed up to the fortress for a kickin view.

not to mention found an old school car wash pond for horses. tee hee!

and our hostel’s cheap enough that we splurged on a four person ensuite room and our new fancy keycards make nice spy kids noises.

but TODAY we decided to splurge the 30 euros and do the sound of music tour… where all my wildest dreams came true.


mirabell gardens: do re mi

where Julie and the kiddies jump up and down the steps singing

“do mi mi, mi so so, re fa fa, la ti ti”

the pegasus statue where they scurry along the edges as they sing

that nifty leafy archway that they–you guessed it–sang and ran.

just general garden frollicking…

some castle i can’t remember the name of: 16 going on 17

only my favourite scene in any movie ever!! EEP! sadly there was no rolf waiting for us… and sadly it was locked… but i sang a little bit and did a couple liesel twirls and my life is now full of sunshine and rainbows.

close by said unnamed gazebo location: i have confidence

this would be where the giddy julie once hopped about, guitar in hand, singing merrily… we followed suit.


cutesy town of Mondsee: church where julie got married in the movie

most. wonderful church. so different from the billions of ornate italian churches, more simple and a lot of salmon coloured paint.


all this adventuring gets exhausting…

thank god for apple strudel and vanilla custard.

mondsee: trees

oh yeah. imagine captain von trapp drivin down here with max seeing his little babies in curtains climbin up these very trees. i did. it was grand.

so concludes the sound of music sightings.

tomorrow it’s off to sweet sweet VIENNA for at least 4 nights, some opera, wienerschnitzel, and (oh yeah) vienna boy’s choir!

rock steady ❤



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6 responses to “every morning you greet me.

  1. Caroline Lillico

    Oh my God I am sooooo jealous! Please oh please take me with you to the opera! Sounds like you are having so much fun…dont forget to have a “drink with jam and bread”……
    Grandaddy is smiling right now – he LOVED the Sound of Music.
    Love you

  2. kc

    Who took the pictures of you two frolicking? That must’ve been a fun thing to ask someone to do hahaha

    P.S. I’m so freaking jealous.

  3. Mum

    oh ya… little boys singing… your weakness. Glad you had a nice sunny day for the tour! Yes your grandad will be so proud of you for this…

  4. I love Austria. My only disappointment was the Blue Danube—it was rather brown. Why didn’t you call-I would’ve gladly carried your bags throughout the whole trip. Have a blast!!!!

  5. Chong

    … I honestly wish i was you right now.
    You crazy woman 🙂

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