things i learned in italy.

1. scarpetta=the action of sopping up the juices on one’s plate with one’s bread

2. people from Hamburg are Hamburgers (epiphony while i was hungry)

3. the iconic neon cross in verona which i was so painfully curious about  turns out was just put up by a monastery as a guiding light from the city centre. bet they didn’t think it’d be in R + J–great movie–as a symbol of verona.

4. south africa has the best slang: laka laka means awesome.

5. the bird-like long-nosed carnival mask was used by doctors in the times of the plague, since the “beak” was the appropriate length to stand back from a plague victim to prevent the spread of the disease. obviously this didn’t work out so well for a third of europe.

6. i really really really love big clocks and sun dials. i think i’ll become a clockmaker.

7. everything’s disposable–no matter how beautiful and historically significant it eventually turns to ruins or recycled into something new. best to stay open minded to modern art movements… they could very well be a new renaissance. above all–all that lasts and all that matters is the story.

rock steady ❤



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4 responses to “things i learned in italy.

  1. Lindsey Hellemran

    your trip really seems to be going well 🙂
    hope your having lots of fun!!

  2. Caroline Lillico

    Your postings are totally “laka laka”!! But arent those from Hamburg actually Ham-burglars?? 😉
    We love reading your stories….keep them coming, I am getting hungry just reading them! We are toying with a wee trip to Italy this summer – so please do all the advance research for us!!
    Love you and miss you
    Auntie – C (aka C-Lill)

    • hamburglars indeed!
      and trust me i can give you much much research and fun places to see.
      biggest tip: skip pisa. it’s lame. just a tourist trap with nothing but the tower, and in fact there’s a leaning tower in venice too…
      mmm eating apple strudel in bed with my netbook… nice chill afternoon after a big morning of adventure.
      thinkin of you guys! so much love xoxo

  3. Pam

    You. Are. Awesome.

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