updates and things.

verona–most beautiful place.

it was super nice to be back travelling solo again for a couple days in verona, went to see juliet early in the morning when there were no tourists and wrote my letter. had a little photoshoot on her balcony too… hee hee!

rainy but lovely city.

then moving north, met marnie (my aussie mate i met on the tour) in bolzano, the most wicked northern italian town. used to be a part of austria but it’s now italy, so everything’s in both german and italian. saw otzi (google him, 5000 year old caveman mummy found in the alps in the 90s!! we’re best friends.) had some good picnics and explored in greenhouses.

but now i’m in fondo!

marnie has a lovely friend who’s letting us stay for a week in her parents HOTEL on the side of a canyon?! crazy mountains, lakes and rivers, most wonderful italian family, out.standing. food and a blow dryer šŸ™‚ we’re washing dishes and helping out for a week then marnie and i are off to salzburg and vienna for a week, then she’s off to england and i’m a solo adventurer once again.

rock steady!



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3 responses to “updates and things.

  1. Jessie

    hahaha i laughed when you said blowdryer cuz i can only imagine the things you will do to your hair with that blowdryer…. miss you ā¤

  2. Dad

    Amanda … you are having way way toooooo much fun! Your Momma is watching the Food Network by herself … while you are living the Food Network. I am waiting for the invitation to meet in London … how about I buy the theatre tickets?

    • faaaaaj… ooh i do miss the food network. had polenta yesterday tho, had always heard about it on the iron chef and finally tried it (baltali the italian dude always made it šŸ™‚ ooh you should come meet me in the uk! we’ll go see some wicked shows. miss you papa, hope you’re keepin mama in line hee hee. xoxo

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