in fair verona

ok is this a joke or do i actually get to live here the next 2 nights?!

500 year old converted monestary… on a hilltop in verona. i’m pretty sure i’m the only one in the whole place, which also has a courtyard and they’re drying the sheets on lines in the front garden.

i feel like juliet–the view from the bathroom balcony (yeah cause those are 2 words that so frequently go together) is re.diculous. from my bedroom window the big neon cross is staring me smack in the face (sorry i don’t know the perfect term or historical significance of it… just it was in R + J πŸ™‚ and of course there are church bells and birdies twittering too.

sitting on my top bunk having a lovely picnic supper of bananas, squishy twisty bread and reeeeally blue cheese πŸ™‚ listening to adele and robyn on my new NETBOOK! …is this really my life?

kudos to marnie for suggesting this place! wasn’t even gonna come at all but as per each city i’ve visited–i plan on never leaving and living here forever πŸ™‚

rock steady.



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2 responses to “in fair verona

  1. Mum

    Hurray for picnics and blue cheese! So happy you found this place… what a great adventure.

  2. batmanifesto

    sounds like a ballin time. makes me wanna go travel right nurrr

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