unlimited interneeeet yay!

the cute grafitti we previously discussed.

venice you have the best kebabs ever.

hah! oh venice… calendar of all the gondeliers. gotta love it.



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3 responses to “unlimited interneeeet yay!

  1. kc

    I hope you did some graffiti too!

    I’m sitting in 8am biology class learning about the endocrine system……….. thanks for the uplifting post about all the things I’m missing out on. I’m just going to pretend that I shouldn’t be there because there’s no veggie food.

    • BAH!!
      i love you. and just so you know i’ve eaten more veggie food than anything else… since i’m not the hugest fan of italian sausage. grilled zuccini and roasted peppers are everwhere and coated with cheese no big. so you should come/
      ❤ DAMN shoulda made my mark. couldn't have done it on such a lovely city.

  2. Mum

    Wait… are you eating peppers?!!!!! I like the gondoliers with the striped shirts… gonna buy you one for camp and you can wear it canoeing.

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