grand adventures

yesterday spent 20 minutes exploring in the Mercato Nuevo, this old square that’s now a touristy market. i read that somewhere on the ground there’s a circled X which is the spot the used to drop people onto if they couldn’t pay their taxes!

but there were stalls all over the square so we asked some people, had to get a lady to translate but after a while found it, coolest treasure hunt 🙂

(once again can’t post the photo of me crammed between stalls of handbags on top of it)

then today went to this old medieval village in tuscany and was exploring with my aussie friend and we found this oooold little tiny door with a chain on it. opened it up and pretty sure we found. a dungeon. there were different underground rooms, it was all mud floors, abandoned and SO COOL. carved our names in the clay and took some sweet photos.

last night in florence! then tomorrow it’s off to venice via pisa. only a few more days left of the tour then i’m on my own again, don’t think i’ll go back to rome, i like the atmosphere more in florence.

rock steady! xo


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