florence is a machine.

arrived in florence last night OH MY GOSH.

and i thought rome was outta control?

i’m never leaving (sorry mama πŸ™‚ . just the atmosphere’s so super chill, everyone’s not yelling and trying to sell you stuff, went to a leather demo today and had to tear myself away from those leather jackets 😦 so lovely.

soaking up sooo much history, i love how everything has a story here. and how i had to step down about 20 ft to get into the old roman forum because the rest of the city has risen on top of 2000 years of rubble and ruins. just went into a cathedral with 2 churches underneath it. realized in the st peter’s basilica (made with marble from the colosseum) how it’s all recycled and kind of disposable… as wicked as the colosseum is, isn’t it better to not waste the resources on something tourists just snap photos of and turn it into something new and wonderful?

i’m constantly on a focaccia prowl. mmm toasty with fresh tuna and grilled zuccini and eggplant… also there’s a gelateria on every corner, had 3 in one day once πŸ™‚

met this sweet chick from australia who’s strikingly similar to me. same age, same taste in everything, aaaand our trips are following a similar ish pattern? so may have a buddy to adventure with…. and may end up in scandinavia afterall πŸ™‚

went to this outstanding crypt with artistically arranged bones of 4000 monks. remembered how much i love kinesiology seeing crowns and chandeliers of vertebrae and mandibles πŸ™‚ most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen, went twice.

so much to say!! spent an hour in a square trying to figure out how an egyptian obelisk is a sun dial from the astrological markings on the ground,Β  met a SWEET couple from johannesburg and wanna go to south africa, had a wicked dance battle, done SO much people watching and am loving everything.

tragically can’t upload photos from this internet cafe but they will come!

until then, ciao and rock steady ❀



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2 responses to “florence is a machine.

  1. Kaela

    Sounds like you’re having a blaaaaaast!
    I will be reading all your posts until I leave with Kate. Closer to the day we leave, you better tell us where you’re at!
    Be safe and have fun xo

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