hey kids!!
this’ll be quick.. have 3 minutes… apparently rome has ZERO internet cafes.

essentially… everything’s astounding… so much history i wanna burst, street artists, wicked aussies, lotsa dancing, ruins, catacombs and loving my life SO MUCH more updates later.

rock steady. xo



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3 responses to “roming…

  1. Mum

    Glad there is dancing… how about food?!!! Who knew that Rome was so behind the times that there are no internet cafés… too much other good stuff I guess. Enjoy!

  2. Granny

    Hi Amanda
    So happpy to hear from you……..look forward to many more postings, even if short………as your Mum says, don’t forget to EAT……..
    Will send this one on to the Lillicos and Durands and Cattos!
    With love

  3. Thomas Kilgour

    Sooooo exciting! Can’t wait to hear more 😀

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